Sad Girl Strong Woman: Goddess Tea

Sad Girl Strong Woman: Goddess Tea



  1. Sad Girl Strong Woman: Goddess Herbal Tea which is 100% Organic, Vegan, Hand made by Alyssa to heal your spiritual mindset and heart. Ingredients include rose buds, rose hips, lavender, mugwort, and hibiscus. Tea was infused with amethyst, rose quartz, and reiki for 48hrs. Also comes with instructions and a guided meditation. Packed in reusable BPS Free 4oz jar with Non-Toxic chalk paint lid which you can write on if intended. Also comes with 5 disposable tea bags. 


Disclaimer: Please do not drink the tea if you have not done prior research regarding allergies. Sad Girl Strong Woman/Alyssa N. Griego is not responsible for any misuse of our products. Our products are not to take the place of a by doctor or health care professional.  Have not been evaluted by FDA, but has been passed down through channeled knowledge. These products are not intented to treat or cure diseases. If pregnant or on medication please contact your doctor before ingesting. 


This tea was made to clear blockages in your love life and promote self-love in order to manifest higher connections, and heal through your dreams.

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