The Artxst "Purify Me" Candle

The Artxst "Purify Me" Candle


Purify Me Candle: Cleanse yourself or home, fresh start, rid of depression or negativity, rid of negative enitities.


This 100% 16oz soy candle is here to bring clarity, a cleanse, protection for yourself or home. It is paired with black tourmaline a crystal that repels negativity and transforms energy especially depression.  It is lightly scented with vanilla and lavender to bring tranquility.  It is topped with more lavender to assist with overthinking.  Lastly it has black lava salt to help with any psychic attacks.


All organic and has eco friendly lead free cotton wick.  


Crystal is charged with reiki energy.  After candle has burned out carefully remove crystal and use as a totem to remember your intention. This candle was hand poured, made in small batches in Los Angeles, Ca. 


16oz candle. Artwork was commissioned by the talented illustrator Lea Curtis. Please note we work with new artxst and you are paying for these custom artwork pieces.  Every new collection is a new artist. 


Every candle you purchase a portion goes into our savings for our young womxn's mentorship PATHWAY. Thank you. 


Disclaimer: This is for entertainment purposes only. 

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