The Golden Soul

The Golden Soul

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The Golden Soul soy candle is handmade by Alyssa N. Griego in small batches.  This is a 100% vegan and organic candle.  This candle is intended to be usher in abundance in whatever you choose whether that is wealth, opportunities, health, love, etc. 


The Golden Soul is named after the energy of California and the Sun that is why it is a white candle to pull in all energies of all chakras.  The golden state of mind.  This soy candle is scented with citrus topped with chamomlie and dried orange peels for prosperity and ignite all lower chakras.  There is also a raw pyrite crystal which is also termed "fools gold" which many people moved West and still do to gain abundance.  This crystal is one of the leading crystals to draw in abundance.


All candles are charged with reiki and my energy.


Inspired by the song California Dreaming by The Mamas & Papas and I Was Born To Love You by Freddie Mercury. 


20% goes into our savings for PATHWAYS a mentorship program.

  • Drop-Off May 27th

    Please text (626) 627-7886 with address of drop-off location within Los Angeles, Ca.