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Alyssa N. Griego Woman Writer



Alyssa N. Griego is a lesbian Chicana author, director, and performance artist who grew up in Los Angeles and is currently based in Brooklyn, NY.


Alyssa tells coming-of-age narratives and serial period dramas cultivated in gritty cities, with characters who struggle with taboos, tough emotions, and against all atrocities rise to the occasion of their lives. Her art which is a mix of writing, digital collections, and filmmaking utilizes all avenues to tap into our sensations.


She released her debut poetry book and sound component Sad Girl Strong Woman in 2018.  Alyssa has given talks and performed for non-profits and universities on mental health, diverse media representation, and culture/identity.


Alyssa formed her company The Artxst which aims to promote creativity as a spiritual path through energy work, art, and meditation in Web 2 and Web 3.0.  In 2022, she hosted live visualization meditations for the NFT space and collaborated with Web 3 organizations for irl events. Her goal is to continue to shift the entertainment industry in a positive way through custom meditation experiences and her art work.

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